make me choose: laufeysonsrage asked jj in the musketeers or turn


JJ Feild signs autographs at AMC’s TURN panel at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood, California April 11, 2014



how can anyone not love him? he’s basically a puppy

Why are you torturing me??

i don’t know what you mean

sunnydisposish replied to your post: how can anyone not love him? he’s basi…

That’s when he’s teasing Bill about saying “Gee whiz” in Third Star - methinks there’s more JJ in this gif than Miles! [Can you tell I’ve watched this movie too many times to count?!] =)

that’s really what i love most about third star. it never feels like they’re acting. i’m not sure if it’s because they’re all such great actors or just the chemistry between them, or maybe both. but yes there are so many moments i think jj is shining out over miles.

how can anyone not love him? he’s basically a puppy


actor meme → favorite photoshoot [1/3]

     ↳ mr porter | photography by blair getz mezibov

bravo, anon. bravo.

alright i’ll get cracking on these right now.

make me choose: jj edition

Anonymous said: Does it matter what two things??

nope, as long as it’s in some way related to jj. extra points to most obscure ;)

rivkah7 said: Have you seen 'Not safe for work' yet?

not yet. it was supposed to come out this past tuesday, but it hasn’t yet :/